Coronavirus and education


About the Inquiry

Legislative Consent Memorandum

Find out more about the Coronavirus Bill 2019-21. You can read the Legislative Consent Memorandum (LCM) and the SPICe briefing on the Education elements of the LCM below:

LCMs are usually lodged in the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Government. They relate to Bills under consideration in the United Kingdom Parliament which contain what are known as “relevant provisions”. These provisions could:

  • change the law on a “devolved matter” (an area of policy which the UK Parliament devolved to the Scottish Parliament in the Scotland Act 1998, or
  • alter the “legislative competence” of the Scottish Parliament (its powers to make laws) or the “executive competence” of Scottish Ministers (their powers to govern).

Watch a short animation about Legislative Consent


The Cabinet Secretary signalled that Scottish Government would provide the Committee with Covid 19 guidance relevant to the education and skills portfolio. Links to the guidance issued by the Scottish Government is noted below.

The NHS and The Scottish Government published the following guidance documents:



Written answers on Coronavirus

The written answers from Ministers on Coronavirus issues that fall within the Education and Skills remit will be updated here each week.


The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills has written to  the education authorities in respect of the Coronavirus and the closures of schools and early learning centres.

The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary regarding the provisions of the UK Coronavirus Bill relating to the Committee's remit. The Conveners letter and the response from the Cabinet Secretary are noted below.

 The Committee meeting on 25 March was cancelled due to public health restrictions as a result of COVID-19. On that basis the Committee sought written evidence from the Cabinet Secretary in place of an evidence session in Parliament.

The questions were informed by personal experiences and questions from individuals that have been shared with Committee members. The anonymised contributions received on school education mainly relating to qualifications are here:

As well as writing to the Cabinet Secretary, the Committee has also highlighted the same issues and contributions from individuals to the SQA:

The Cabinet Secretary shared guidance from the SQA on qualifications on 2 April

The Cabinet Secretary wrote to the Committee on 3 April setting out his approach to issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic:

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