Correspondence 2018-2019

Broadcasting and Media

BBC Annual Report and Accounts

The Committee wrote to the BBC following the the evidence session on 7 November 2019.

The Director of BBC Scotland replied to the Committee's letter on 19 December 2019:

Channel 4's Headquarters


Relevant correspondence with Ofcom will be published here:


Following the evidence session on 28 June 2018, the Committee wrote to the following:

Read the UK Government's response here:


 Margot James MP, Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries, 11 September 2018 (88KB pdf)


STV Chief Executive Simon Pitts wrote to the Committee with an update ahead of the evidence session on Thursday 28 June 2018. Read the letter:

STV Chair Margaret Ford wrote to the Committee in response to a request for the broadcaster to give evidence at a Committee meeting. Read the letter:

The Committee wrote to STV to request follow up information on its future strategy. Read the letter and response:

Budget Scrutiny

Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2020/21 

Ahead of the forthcoming 2020/21 Scottish Government's Budget, the Committee took evidence from the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs on 26 September 2019. Relevant correspondence will be published here.

Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2019/20

Ahead of the forthcoming 2019/20 Scottish Government's Budget, the Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs. Read the correspondence:

Budget Scrutiny 2019/20

The Committee received correspondence with information that the Cabinet Secretary agreed to provide when she gave oral evidence to the Committee on Thursday 10 January 2019:

Scottish Government's Draft National Outcomes

Census Order

Following its consideration of the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill, the Committee will be considering a Census Order for the 2021 Census in due course. Relevant correspondence will be published here.

Correspondence between the Committee and the Scottish Government/the National Records of Scotland:

Other correspondence:

Culture Strategy

Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland responded to issues raised by Members at 1 November 2018 Meeting.

The Committee wrote to Creative Scotland following their evidence session on 2 May 2019.

Creative Scotland wrote to update the Committee on the funding review on 28 August 2019.

Arts Funding

The Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs on 6 December 2019 regarding Creative Scotland's funding review and RFO.

EU Obligations

The Scottish Government produces bi-annual updates for the Committee’s consideration on a range of EU issues. The updates, and associated correspondence, can be found below:  

European Structural Funds

Glasgow School of Art

The Clerk wrote to Kier Construction on 14 December 2018:

The Convener wrote to the Minister for Community Safety on 4 November 2019:

Legacy of Slavery in Scotland

Correspondence between the Convener and Historic Environment Scotland regarding the legacy of slavery in Scotland.

Legislative Consent Memoranda

Transient Visitor Levy

UK Hospitality and the Scottish Tourism Alliance wrote to the Committee on the transient visitor levy in advance of the meeting on 13 September 2018:

UK's Withdrawal from the EU


The Committee wrote to the Secretary of State, Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, regarding the Erasmus+ programme.

Parliamentary Scrutiny of New Powers

The Committee received correspondence from the Convener of the Finance and Constitution Committee, on a co-ordinated approach to developing the Scottish Parliament’s scrutiny role in relation to the new powers arising from the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Scottish Government's Paper - "Scotland's Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment"

Sectoral Analysis Reports on the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU 

The Convener wrote to the Sectary of State for Scotland in realtion to the EU Exit Analysis which was provided to the HoC Exiting the EU Committee and the HoL EU Select Committee on 16 February 2018: 

Read the response:

Shared Prosperity Fund 

UK-EU Interinstitutional Relations Post-Brexit

Strategic review of Irish-Scottish relations

UK Seafood Trade Modelling Report

UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill 

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