Community Wellbeing


About the Inquiry

The Local Government and Communities Committee was seeking views on how to achieve community wellbeing. 

The Committee was keen to find out what people think affects ‘community wellbeing’ and launched a call for the public’s ideas on what this future work should focus on. 

The launch also saw the Parliament make use of a new engagement platform, ‘Your Priorities’, which enables the people of Scotland to interact with the Committee in a variety of ways including via video. The tool gave users the opportunity to shape the inquiry and to debate and discuss the key issues which impact upon a community.  

Speaking as the call for views was launched, Local Government and Communities Committee Convener, James Dornan MSP, said:  

“Good community wellbeing is vital for us all. Communities that are happy, healthy, safe and secure allows us all to thrive and fulfil our potential. 

“In order for the Committee to investigate and recommend ways to increase community wellbeing, we need to know what it means to you. Is it the facilities and services in your area, is it people working together or is it something else?  

“The Parliament is always seeking new ways to engage with people. Our ‘Your Priorities’ tool enables the people of Scotland to join the conversation, shape our work and have their say on the issues that matter most to them.” 

As well as looking to understand what is meant by community wellbeing, the Committee sought views on: 

• The financial impact that poverty has on general community wellbeing (and the life chances of those living in poverty).
• The role of councils and other groups in advancing the wellbeing of their communities.
• The extent to which councils are investing in and improving the public health of communities.
• The effectiveness of organisations working together at community level, such as community planning partnerships and integrated authorities. 

The Committee was especially keen to hear from members of the public, community groups, and relevant organisations.  

Ideas were shared through the ‘Your Priorities’ tool.


The closing date for views has now passed.


Written submissions

The Committee also recieved the following written submissions on Community Wellbeing;


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