Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2019-20



In September 2017 the Equalities and Human Rights Committee (EHRiC) agreed a new approach to budget scrutiny based on the new budget scrutiny cycle established under the recommendations of the Budget Process Review Group.

This approach is based on a cycle of full year budget scrutiny, where the EHRiC continues to scrutinise the development of equality and human rights-based budget policy, and outcomes, throughout its inquiry and legislative work scrutiny work.


Following the publication of the Committee 2018-19 Draft Budget report, the Committee wrote to all Local Authorities in Scotland on budgeting and equalities and human rights levers. Responses from local authorities are available on our 2018-19 budget page.

The Committee took pre-budget scrutiny oral evidence on 4 October 2018 from- 

  • Councillor Jennifer Layden, City Convenor for Equalities and Human Rights, and Louise MacKenzie, Group Manager for Strategic Policy and Planning, Glasgow City Council;
  • Rosemary Mackinnon, Principal Policy Officer for Equality, Highland Council;
  • Audrey Cameron, Development Officer for Equalities, and Liz Fergus, Youthwork Manager, North Lanarkshire Council.

The Committee took pre-budget scrutiny oral evidence on 25 October 2018 from- 

  • Dr Alison Hosie, Research Officer, Scottish Human Rights Commission;
  • Dr Angela O'Hagan, Chair of the Scottish Government's Equality and Budget Advisory Group;
  • Chris Oswald, Head of Policy, Equality and Human Rights Commission


On 8 November 2018 the Committee wrote to the Scottish Government setting out its views from its pre-budget scrutiny-

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