MSPs propose Bill to limit early access to key economic data for Scottish Government Ministers and officials


MSPs propose Bill to limit early access to key economic data for Scottish Government Ministers and officials.

Holyrood Committee expresses concern over Business Gateway programme


The Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee has expressed concern about the lack of transparency, accountability and alignment of Business Gateway, a local-authority provision that aims to help businesses develop and grow.

Economy Committee unconvinced by new debt repayment system


A new system to calculate the financial situation of people in debt or facing bankruptcy should be delayed until significant reservations are addressed, according to a Holyrood committee.

Holyrood committee set to examine the construction industry


Scotland’s construction sector is being placed under the microscope by a Holyrood committee.

Holyrood committee wants Publicly Owned Energy Company to be smart and strategic


A Publicly Owned Energy Company must be positioned at the heart of policy making, long-term in its thinking and flexible enough to react to change as it happens, according to a Holyrood committee.

Personal injury victims should be compensated fairly and transparently


Those who have suffered the trauma of personal injury should have their compensation calculated in a fair and transparent way, according to a Holyrood Committee.

Enterprise agencies under fire from Holyrood Committee


2018 Enterprise agencies under fire from Holyrood Committee

Feasibility of a publicly owned energy company to be considered by a Holyrood committee


Views on the feasibility of a not-for-profit, publicly owned energy company are being sought by a Holyrood committee.

Banks have failed to engage with the community over branch closures, according to a Holyrood committee 


An inquiry into bank closures in Scotland was launched by the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee in March 2018, as a response to the closing of more than a third of Scotland’s bank branches since 2010.

Scotland’s economic strategy should be reviewed urgently, according to a Holyrood Committee


Scotland’s strategy for economic growth should be reviewed as a matter of urgency according to a report by the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee.

Supporting the backbone of Scotland’s economy – is enough being done?


Is enough being done to support Scotland’s local businesses? A new inquiry by the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee will explore just this.

Closure of ‘a third of Scotland’s banks’ to come under parliamentary scrutiny


The closure of more than a third of Scotland’s banks since 2010 is set to come under the microscope.

Holyrood committee inquiry: is €940m European funding working, and what will replace it?


The effectiveness to the Scottish economy of European funding with an overall value of €940m*, and its post-Brexit replacement, will be two key issues for an upcoming Holyrood Committee inquiry

Holyrood committee: Scottish Government must help public better understand ‘new gold’ of economic data


Economic data is ‘the new gold, informing policy making, influencing business decisions and affecting our pay and pensions’, and the Scottish Government must help the public and media better understand it, according to a report.

Committee urges ‘voices rarely heard’ to speak out on Scotland’s economy


Households, workers, the unemployed, and small and large businesses are being called on to share their views as the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee launches its inquiry into the performance of Scotland’s economy since 2007.

Parliamentary links reaffirmed by Holyrood delegation


The Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh MSP, is to lead a delegation to Munich on a trip to strengthen parliamentary ties and support economic, cultural and environmental links between Scotland and Bavaria.

Holyrood report: Scottish Government ‘can help close gender pay gap and boost economy by up to £17billion’*


The Scottish Government could use devolved powers to help close the gender pay gap, and boost Scotland’s economy, according to a Holyrood committee report.

Holyrood committee inquiry: ‘Are our economic statistics working?’


The reliability of economic statistics used by the Scottish Government, media and others is set to come under the microscope, as a Holyrood Committee urges businesses and economists to share their views and concerns.

Scotland must do more to decrease harmful emissions across all sectors


Climate change targets across all of Scotland’s sectors should be “equally challenging”, according to a Holyrood report published today.

Holyrood Committee launches gender pay gap inquiry


Could closing the gender pay gap boost the Scottish economy? This will be a key question for the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Fair Work and Jobs Committee as it launches its inquiry into the impact of equal pay.

Holyrood committee: Scottish Government ‘must do more’ for Scottish business in wake of Brexit


A Holyrood Committee is urging the Scottish Government to give better support to Scottish business in ‘selling brand Scotland’ in Europe and across the world.

Views sought on Scottish Government’s draft climate change plan


Four parliamentary committees have launched a joint call for views on the Scottish Government’s plan on how it will meet climate change targets from 2017 to 2032.

Holyrood Committee calls on business and workers to shape Scotland’s Brexit future


A Holyrood Committee is urging Scottish businesses and workers based throughout the country to help shape the economic impact of leaving the European Union, by sharing their views and concerns.

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