Meeting Papers & Official Reports

2nd Meeting, Wednesday 20 January 2021

Committee Papers (183KB PDF)

Minutes (94.9KB PDF)

1. Replacement of EU Structural Funds: The Committee will take evidence from—

Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Hilary Pearce, Deputy Director, and Karen McAvenue, Future Funding Team Leader, European Structural Funds and State Aid, Scottish Government.

Professor David Bell, Chair, Scottish Government European Structural and Investment Funds Replacement Consultation Steering Group

Official Report of Meeting 20 January 2021

1st Meeting, Wednesday 13 January 2021

Declaration of interests: Anas Sarwar and Fulton MacGregor will be invited to declare any relevant interests.

SPCB Budget 2021-22 submission: The Committee will take evidence from—

Liam McArthur, MSP, Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body;

David McGill, Clerk/Chief Executive, Michelle Hegarty, Assistant Chief Executive, and Sara Glass, Group Head of Financial Governance, Scottish Parliament.  



Official Report of Meeting 13 January 2021

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