Work Programme

Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee

Work Programme 2017

The Committee’s work up until summer 2017 focuses on the gender pay gap inquiry and the Scottish Government’s draft energy strategy.  

Full details of the gender pay gap inquiry can be found on that page and the draft energy strategy approach will be outlined in due course, with evidence sessions scheduled for 23 and 30 May.


The Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee, its meeting on 18 April agreed to undertake scrutiny of the following pieces of work in 2017. 

Data inquiry

The Committee will be launching an inquiry into the quality, timeliness and coverage of Scottish economic statistics; the evidence sessions for which will take place after summer recess 2017.

In preparation for this inquiry, SPICe commissioned 4-Consulting on behalf of the Committee to produce a report (a copy of which can be found below) which would:

  • summarise current statistical provision;
  • identify gaps in statistical coverage;
  • discuss the situation in other European countries/regions, and
  • help the Committee gain an understanding what the Scottish and UK governments could and should be doing to improve the provision of economic data in Scotland.

Limitations and Strengths of Scottish Economic Statistics

This report is not a reflection of the Committee’s views. It is intended to highlight some initial themes and issues which can be explored in more detail during the Committee’s formal call for evidence and subsequent evidence sessions.

Review of Enterprise Agencies

The Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work made a statement to the Parliament on 30 March. It is the Committee’s intention to undertake in-year budget scrutiny of the spending allocated to the enterprise. The Committee will decide its approach once the Scottish Government’s report on phase 2 has been published.

Inquiries after the summer

Performance of the Scottish Economy

The Committee identified the performance of the Scottish economy as its next topic for inquiry.  The intention is to bring an approach paper to the Committee before the summer recess so that evidence can be gathered before taking oral evidence after the recess.

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