Tips for MSPs

Here’s how the Official Report can help you in your parliamentary work:

Say it, send it, share it message

SAY IT. Make informed and insightful contributions in committee and in the chamber.

  • Use the Official Report search to help you prepare, with access to previous debates on any topic and previous speeches by other MSPs.
  • Browse the alphabetical list of debates, providing quick and easy access to the archive of all debates since the Parliament began in 1999.

SEND IT. Be ready for press, constituents’ and other MSPs’ queries about what you have said in Parliament.

  • Ensure we report you quickly and accurately by emailing your speaking notes to or responding promptly to requests for notes and/or queries—we do not release electronic copies to anyone else and we always return hard copies unless you ask us not to.
  • Check your speech—we can email you early drafts of your speeches and questions. Simply email or call x85447 to arrange this, or visit us in room T2.20.
  • You can suggest corrections to the Official Report. You can find out more on the Changes and corrections to the Official Report page.

SHARE IT. Show your constituents and stakeholders how you represent their interests in Parliament.

  • Share your speeches and parliamentary questions easily on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Just hover over or click on the sharing symbol, highlighted below, to share direct links to your contributions and to debates.


  • Provide access for all by linking to YouTube footage of your contribution at First Minister’s Question Time and in selected other debates, captioned using the Official Report.

Find out more about the Official Report

Check out the Editor's Picks blog posts for more insight into the Official Report.

Go to the About the Official Report page for more information. 

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