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To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body what the take up is of the credit union payroll deduction.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 21/03/2019
Kilwinning Academy Pupils Form their Own Credit Union

That the Parliament congratulates the pupils of Kilwinning Academy on forming a new credit union in partnership with 1st Alliance Ayrshire Credit Union; recognises that the pupils’ venture was created as a response to the closure of the town’s high street banks and will allow a credit union to be set up as a facility in the school for pupils, staff and local residents; notes that the credit union was created through the Innovative Schools Project, a partnership between Developing Young Workforce Ayrshire and the Prince’s Trust Scotland, with the new credit union at Kilwinning Academy being its 60th funded partnership project; further notes that these projects encourage pupils to get involved in entrepreneurial activities to develop employability skills, such as communication, commitment and customer service; recognises the value of the credit union and the wider projects that aided in its creation, as well as the positive impact that it will have on the local area, and wishes the pupils at Kilwinning Academy the very best in the future.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Pauline McNeill, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Gillian Martin, Tom Arthur, Mark Ruskell, Alex Rowley

Kilwinning Academy Pupils Launch a Credit Union

That the Parliament congratulates pupils at Kilwinning Academy on launching a credit union, which provides savings and loan facilities to the local community; notes that the scheme is part of the Innovative Schools Project, which is a partnership between Developing Young Workforce Ayrshire and The Prince’s Trust Scotland that encourages school students to get involved in innovative activities that will help them develop employability skills, and wishes Kilwinning Academy all the best with the project.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth

Dalmuir Credit Union

That the Parliament notes that Dalmuir Credit Union has been awarded £20,000 in the latest round of awards made by the Lloyds Banking Group Credit Union Development Fund; understands that the fund is designed to strengthen the financial position of credit unions to enable them to provide responsible lending to local people and organisations, and recognises the valuable service that the credit union provides for the people of Dalmuir.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Rona Mackay, Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Ruth Maguire, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Clare Adamson, Angela Constance, Maureen Watt, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin

To ask the Scottish Government how the proposals in its draft Budget aim to help support the work of credit unions.

Answered by Kate Forbes (09/01/2019):

The 2019-20 Budget proposes to continue targeting support to the credit unions sector – helping to enable affordable loans and savings in our communities, and protecting people from predatory lenders and unmanageable debt.

Specific support over the coming year will continue to be designed in partnership with the sector, building on our national awareness-raising campaign before Christmas and our programme of supporting credit union partnerships with schools across the country.

Current Status: Answered by Kate Forbes on 09/01/2019
West Lothian Credit Union's Prior Communities

That the Parliament congratulates Prior Communities, which is the charity arm of West Lothian Credit Union, on being awarded funding from the Robertson Trust and West Lothian Credit Union; notes that it will use this to continue its excellent financial education programme, which is taking place in 14 schools; recognises the plans to expand this commendable programme and to add to its current 1,300 junior savers; values the provision of  financial education in schools and the promotion of credit unions as ethical lenders, and recognises that Prior Communities is named after the late, and inspiring, parish priest, Father Gerry Prior, who was committed to social justice in Livingston and beyond and who was the driving force in founding the credit union.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, Maureen Watt, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson, Bill Kidd, Jeremy Balfour, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Neil Findlay, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Martin, Stuart McMillan, Gail Ross, Tom Arthur, Clare Adamson

Current Status: Fallen on 24/01/2019
Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre Funding

That the Parliament welcomes the of £33,937 grant that has been given to the Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre by the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund; congratulates the resource centre on its work in the community, including providing services at the Rutherglen and Cambuslang Citizens Advice Bureau and Lanarkshire Credit Union and recycling non-electrical household appliances, which are then supplied to people facing financial hardship, and wishes all involved with best with their hard work for the people of Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, David Torrance

Current Status: Fallen on 24/01/2019
International Credit Union Day 2018

That the Parliament recognises that 18 October 2018 marks the World Council of Credit Unions’ 70th annual International Credit Union Day; understands that this year’s theme, "Find Your Platinum Lining", reflects the traditional gift of platinum for 70th anniversaries and acts as a play on the saying that “every cloud has a silver lining”; appreciates that the anniversary offers a chance to look back after 70 years at the lives and communities that have been improved by the unique principles and actions of the movement, and an opportunity to focus on the work still ahead in offering the most fair and ethical alternative to high-cost credit, both in Scotland and worldwide; recognises that, through International Credit Union Day festivities worldwide, credit unions raise awareness through outreach and volunteering in the community, organising contests, charitable fundraisers, and open houses, all with the aim of contributing to the World Council's Vision 2020 goal of adding 50 million new members by the year 2020; appreciates the remarkable growth of credit unions worldwide, as noted in the World Council’s 2017 Statistical Report, with the global movement reaching 260 million members, served by 89,026 credit unions in 117 countries; notes that this is an increase from 2016, when the report included data on 68,882 credit unions from 109 countries with 235 million members; commends the ongoing work to address the three primary challenges before the credit union movement, advocacy, membership growth and disruptive technology, to help promote the benefits of ethical social lending further, and wishes all who work within the credit union sector in Scotland, and across the world, continued success in changing the lives of the many people that they help through their inspirational example.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Bill Kidd, Monica Lennon, Stewart Stevenson, James Kelly, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Angela Constance, Kenneth Gibson, John Mason, Fulton MacGregor, Christine Grahame R, Johann Lamont, Tom Arthur, Neil Findlay, John Finnie, Clare Adamson, Gillian Martin, Colin Smyth, Maureen Watt

Current Status: Fallen on 24/01/2019
Congratulating 1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union on its 200,000th Loan

That the Parliament congratulates the 1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union on issuing its 200,000th loan in June 2018; understands that the credit union has now issued £15.5 million in loans since it was founded in April 2004, following the merger of Stevenson Credit Union and Kilwinning Credit Union; notes that 1st Alliance serves the whole of Ayrshire, with anyone living or working in the county able to become a member; appreciates that it is a not–for-profit financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members, is managed and staffed by local people and has a strong voluntary element; recognises that 1st Alliance has seen a huge growth in the last financial year, with an increase in loans of 34%, a growth of shares in membership of 16% and a membership growth of 8%, as it continues to grow as a fair and ethical alternative to high-cost lenders in Ayrshire, and wishes all at 1st Alliance the very best for the future.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Alasdair Allan, Stewart Stevenson, Rona Mackay, Joan McAlpine, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Gillian Martin, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Tom Arthur

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Commending ABCUL's Social Media Campaign, Work Not Worry

That the Parliament commends the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) on its social media campaign, Work Not Worry, which ran from 9 July to 3 August 2018; understands that the campaign was designed to raise awareness of the benefits of partnerships with credit unions among employers and to encourage more employers to establish new relationships with their local credit union; notes from research published in 2017 by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development that 26% of working-age adults in the UK have no savings, and that one-in-four workers have lost sleep over financial worries; recognises that a majority of employers say that working with credit unions improves the financial capability of staff and helps to create a more productive and better supported workforce, and applauds the continuing efforts of ABCUL to promote the benefits of credit union membership.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, Richard Lyle, Alex Rowley, Joan McAlpine, John Mason, Bill Kidd, Neil Findlay, Stewart Stevenson, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Tom Arthur, Maureen Watt, Gillian Martin

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
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