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To ask the Scottish Government what impact it anticipates Brexit having on the supply of skilled labour.

Current Status: Due in Chamber on 24/04/2019
Congratulations to West Kilbride Boys' Brigade on 100th Anniversary

That the Parliament congratulates everyone involved with West Kilbride Boys' Brigade on its 100th anniversary in 2019; notes that a host of events have been organised to celebrate this milestone, including the current exhibition of Boys' Brigade memorabilia at West Kilbride Museum in the village hall, an official prize-giving ceremony, which took place in March, and a celebratory dinner planned for 30 November; understands that, over the century, the group has had 7,655 enrolments, at an average of 77 boys per year, and a total of eight captains, from Robert Conn to the current captain, Nicol Armstrong, who has been in place for 25 years; notes that, during this time, the group has been based at a variety of locations across West Kilbride before settling down at West Kilbride Parish Church; recognises that West Kilbride Boys' Brigade arranges sports, crafts, social and charity activities for local boys aged 5 to 15 through the Anchor Boys, the Junior Section and the Company Section; acknowledges that it provides social and family cohesion in the village and is a pillar in the community, and wishes West Kilbride Boys' Brigade and all its members continued success in the future.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Richard Lyle, Alexander Stewart, Bill Kidd, Edward Mountain, Gordon Lindhurst, Margaret Mitchell, Stewart Stevenson, Joan McAlpine, Tom Arthur

Erin McCluskey and David MacDonald, Newly-elected MSYPs for Cunninghame North

That the Parliament congratulates Erin McCluskey, who is from Kilbirnie, and David MacDonald, from Beith, on their election as MSYPs for Cunninghame North; recognises that 16 candidates put themselves forward to be elected to this role; understands that the elections, which took place in March 2019, with 3,381 12- to 25-year-olds voting across North Ayrshire to elect MSYPs for both the Cunninghame North and South constituencies; notes that the Scottish Youth Parliament, whose values are grounded in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, is a completely youth-led organisation that provides a national platform for young people to discuss the issues that are important to them and allows them to campaign to effect the change that they wish to see; acknowledges that this year sees the youth parliament celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment on 30 June 1999, one day before the formal reconvention of the Scottish Parliament, and wishes all of the MSYPs across Scotland the best in their endeavours.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan, Jackie Baillie, Jenny Gilruth, Stewart Stevenson, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Joan McAlpine, Gillian Martin, Tom Arthur

150th Anniversary of the Death of Reverend Patrick Bell

That the Parliament commemorates the 150th anniversary of the death of Reverend Patrick Bell, Church of Scotland Minister and Scottish inventor, who was born on 12 May 1799 and died on 22 April 1869; notes that Reverend Bell is credited with inventing the reaping machine while working on his father’s farm in Auchterhouse, Angus, as his interest in mechanics led him to invent a horse-powered mechanical reaper for speeding up the harvest; considers that Reverend Bell’s machine was first used successfully in 1828 on his father’s farm and by others in the district; understands, however, that Reverend Bell never sought a patent for his invention because, as a man of God, he believed that his invention should benefit all mankind, and believes that, while Reverend Bell never received any financial gain from the success of his invention, his contribution to Scotland’s agricultural heritage should be remembered and celebrated.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Richard Lyle, Angela Constance, Joan McAlpine, Stewart Stevenson, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Gillian Martin, Keith Brown, Tom Arthur

Criminalisation of Homosexuality Persists Around the World

That the Parliament regrets that a number of countries around the world still criminalise same-sex relationships, including at least eight countries in which homosexuality can result in a death penalty and dozens more in which homosexual acts can result in a prison sentence; is concerned by the implementation of a revised penal code in Brunei, which stipulates that the death penalty for offences such as rape, adultery, sodomy, extramarital sexual relations for Muslims, robbery and insult or defamation of the Prophet Mohammad; understands that the revisions, which came into force on 3 April 2019, also introduce public flogging as a punishment for abortion, amputation as a punishment for theft, and criminalises exposing Muslim children to the beliefs and practices of any religion other than Islam; believes that these changes are a direct attack on LGBT people, minority religious groups, women’s rights and humanists in Brunei, and calls on the UK Government to work in partnership with other nations and international organisations to encourage greater tolerance and the development of more inclusive societies that respect diversity and human rights.

Supported by: Sandra White, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Tavish Scott, Emma Harper, Rona Mackay, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, John Finnie, Gillian Martin, Mark McDonald, Clare Adamson, Stuart McMillan, Fulton MacGregor, Pauline McNeill, Neil Findlay, Tom Arthur

Scottish Rugby Announces United States Partnership

That the Parliament welcomes the recently announced partnership between Scottish Rugby and the United states' Major League Rugby (MLR) team, Old Glory DC; congratulates Scottish Rugby on being the first Tier 1 national governing body to link with a MLR club; notes that the DC team is a professional club that joined MLR in November 2018 and will begin play in the 2020 season; welcomes what it sees as this significant investment; considers that this will bring great economic potential for Scottish Rugby as Washington DC is one of the United States' rugby hotbeds; believes that this strategic partnership will see Scottish Rugby supporting the development of the game both at home and internationally, and wishes it the very best in developing its relationship with Old Glory DC in the years to come.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Tavish Scott, Bob Doris, Liam McArthur, Alasdair Allan, Jenny Gilruth, Gail Ross, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur

To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the reported rise in abuse, threats and incitement of violence toward civil servants and people who hold public office.

Current Status: Expected Answer date 30/04/2019

To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to ensure that its services that are delivered through Citizens Advice bureaux are equally accessible to people in council areas that have no bureau.

Current Status: Expected Answer date 30/04/2019
Suki McGregor Wins North Ayrshire Citizen of the Year Award

That the Parliament congratulates the Millport resident, Suki McGregor, on winning North Ayrshire’s Citizen of the Year Award at the Provost’s Civic Pride Awards on 15 March 2019; notes that, two years ago, Suki took on the role of toilet cleaner on the island of Cumbrae, going above and beyond her job description by decorating the toilets with flowers and recording vlog-style videos of her daily activities to promote the island as a tourist destination; is aware that, as she travels between the six island toilets, Suki interviews interesting people via Facebook to showcase the island’s unique character; understands that she also volunteers for the Cumbrae Festival Committee and is a Morrison’s Ambassador in Largs, where she arranges regular charity events, and recognises the enormous contribution that Suki and the other Provost’s Civic Pride Award-winners make to public life in North Ayrshire.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Sandra White, Joan McAlpine, Gillian Martin, Jenny Gilruth, Gil Paterson, Alasdair Allan, Clare Adamson, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur, Ruth Maguire

To ask the Scottish Government, in light of the birth rate falling to its lowest level since records began, whether it will provide details of the steps that it will take to support people to have children, including supporting existing families to have more children.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 04/04/2019
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