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Destitution of Asylum Seekers

That the Parliament condemns the reported intention of Serco to carry out what it considers mass evictions of asylum seekers in Glasgow, which it understands will make up to 300 people homeless and destitute; further understands that neither Glasgow City Council nor the voluntary sector appear to have been given advance notice of the intention to take this action, with the effect that emergency measures have not been put in place to protect people's safety and wellbeing; believes that the UK Government's asylum system uses destitution and homelessness as deliberate objectives of its policy; considers that both the policy and the actions of private sector organisations that carry it out are reprehensible; recognises what it sees as the extraordinary efforts made by voluntary organisations, church and community groups, and many individuals in Scotland, to support people who have been forced into destitution by the asylum system, and urges the Scottish Government to explore all possible emergency actions that it can take to support both the people directly affected by this humanitarian abuse and the organisations that work with them.

Supported by: Alison Johnstone, John Mason, Ross Greer, Mark Ruskell, Andy Wightman, Monica Lennon, Bob Doris, Ruth Maguire, Mary Fee, Fulton MacGregor, John Finnie, Neil Findlay, Sandra White

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
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