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Maintenance of Tenement Communal Property

That the Parliament recognises that a significant proportion of people in Edinburgh and across Scotland live in tenement buildings; believes that the maintenance of communal property, otherwise known as the common parts or “Scheme Property” as defined in the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004, in tenements is essential to the upkeep of the buildings and the standard of living for owner occupiers and tenants; understands with concern that, in many cases, such Scheme Property is in a state of disrepair, degradation or deterioration; believes that current legislation is not consistently fulfilling its intention to encourage owners to establish effective arrangements for managing communal repairs and undertaking maintenance; acknowledges the various potential solutions put forward by groups and individuals in the housing sector to help address this issue, and notes the view that, for the wellbeing of owner occupiers and tenants and to sustain and enhance the country's urban infrastructure and environments, the government should review the situation and consider any legislative changes, new initiatives, enhanced use of existing rules and/or further action by local authorities that could facilitate improved upkeep of Scheme Property.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Joan McAlpine, Graham Simpson, Miles Briggs, John Mason, Graeme Dey, David Torrance, Ash Denham, Jenny Gilruth, Clare Haughey, Jeremy Balfour, Fulton MacGregor, Ivan McKee R, Gordon Lindhurst, Andy Wightman, Gail Ross, Stuart McMillan, Alex Neil, Daniel Johnson, Alex Rowley, Richard Lyle, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Jackie Baillie, Alison Johnstone, Lewis Macdonald, Sandra White, Bob Doris

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 09/01/2018
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