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To ask the Scottish Government whether the cost per pupil at Tiree High School of £33,361 is one of the highest such figures in Scotland and, if so, what steps is it taking to ensure that any unavoidable additional costs for island education born by Argyll and Bute Council are supported in the same way as similar costs incurred by the island authorities.

Answered by Angela Constance (11/01/2016):

The Scottish Government does not collect data on expenditure at school level. Argyll and Bute Council receives an extra £1.97 million from the Special Islands Needs Allowance which recognises that it costs more to provide services to island communities as well as an extra £15.566 million over and above their formula share of funding as a result of the main funding floor which protects councils from significant year-on-year reductions in funding.

Current Status: Answered by Angela Constance on 11/01/2016
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