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Arrests in Malawi of Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani

That the Parliament notes with serious concern reports in the Nyasa Times and elsewhere that Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani have been arrested in Lilongwe in Malawi related to having consensual sex together; welcomes the condemnation of this development by the US ambassador to Malawi and echoes her calls for the charges to be dropped; believes that the arrest is a regressive step given the relaxation of anti-gay laws under the previous president of Malawi; recognises the strong friendship that exists between Scotland and Malawi and, in a spirit of friendship, reminds the Malawi Government of its international human rights obligations with respect to the protection of minorities from persecution, and calls on the Scottish Government to urgently express these concerns to the government of Malawi.

Supported by: Roderick Campbell, Alex Salmond, Bill Kidd, Linda Fabiani, Mike MacKenzie, Rob Gibson, Richard Simpson, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Mark McDonald, Colin Beattie, Liam McArthur, Alison McInnes, John Finnie, James Dornan, Drew Smith, Elaine Murray, Clare Adamson, David Torrance

Current Status: Fallen on 23/03/2016
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