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Celtic Rainforest

That the Parliament notes the work being done by Plantlife Scotland and others to celebrate and encourage the conservation of the Celtic rainforest; commends the involvement of a range of organisations in the project, including the National Trust for Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, John Muir Trust, Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre Trust Ltd and the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and Scottish Natural Heritage; considers that the Celtic rainforest is a key feature of the West Coast Important Plant Area and is of significance because of the sheer diversity of species to be found there, including one of the largest lichens, the tree lungwort, which is an indicator of ancient woodland; recognises what it sees as the threats from habitat fragmentation and the impact of invasive Rhododendron, and notes calls to encourage schools, communities and visitors to support these activities.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Roderick Campbell, Angus MacDonald, Jean Urquhart, Chic Brodie, Graeme Dey, Kenneth Gibson, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, John Mason, Christina McKelvie, Anne McTaggart, Kevin Stewart, Dave Thompson, John Wilson, David Stewart, Jamie McGrigor, Hanzala Malik, Mary Scanlon, David Torrance, Adam Ingram, Sandra White, Sarah Boyack, Colin Keir, Elaine Murray, Clare Adamson, Gil Paterson, Nigel Don, Colin Beattie, Dennis Robertson, Mark McDonald, Claudia Beamish

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 05/01/2016
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