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Lawmuir Primary Wins Keep Scotland Beautiful's Young Reporters Award

That the Parliament congratulates Lawmuir Primary School in Bellshill on winning a Young Reporters Scotland Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful for its creative reporting and environmental campaign, Stop Polluting the Air we Breathe with Car Fumes; understands that Young Reporters Scotland encourages young people to share their voice on sustainability subjects through film, writing and photography; notes that the initiative provides a platform for participants to investigate and report on the subjects that they are passionate about and increase their knowledge and awareness of environmental topics; believes that initiatives, such as Young Reporters Scotland, are so important in creating opportunities for young people across Scotland to take a lead in creating awareness about the importance of protecting the natural environment, and wishes everyone at Lawmuir Primary School well for the future as they continue to share their important message.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson

Recognising Good Death Week

That the Parliament acknowledges another successful Good Death Week, which is traditionally held in May each year; commends Bearsden-based Golden Charter Ltd for organising the first-ever parliamentary event aimed at MSPs during 2019's Good Death Week; acknowledges the work of the Cross Party Group on Funerals and Bereavement in raising awareness of important issues regarding this very important subject, which affects every family in Scotland, and welcomes the efforts of the Scottish Government to integrate social security aspects of funerals and bereavement as part of the continued devolution of powers from the UK to Scotland.

Supported by: Bob Doris, Bill Kidd, Sandra White, Gil Paterson, Alex Rowley, Jenny Gilruth, Gillian Martin

Volunteering Matters in North Lanarkshire

That the Parliament recognises and celebrates the contribution that volunteers make to the lives of the most vulnerable members of society; notes the fantastic work done in the Uddingston and Bellshill Constituency and beyond by Volunteering Matters North Lanarkshire (VMNL), which recently celebrated 20 years of its vitally important befriending service; notes that it partners volunteers with young people in need to help them gain confidence, a sense of ambition, life-skills and self-esteem from the support, understanding and friendship that the volunteers provide; believes that these contributions can be life-changing for many of these young people; congratulates VMNL on its outstanding work, and wishes at least another 20 years of successful befriending for young people.

Supported by: Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Alex Neil, Gordon Lindhurst, Bob Doris, Keith Brown, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Gillian Martin, Monica Lennon, Stewart Stevenson, Ruth Maguire, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Fulton MacGregor, Kenneth Gibson

Tesco Uddingston Supports Food Banks

That the Parliament commends Tesco Uddingston on recently marking its four years of participation in the Food Connection Scheme, which allows food retailers to utilise surplus food products that would otherwise be binned; notes that this helps feed people in the communities in which they operate who cannot afford to adequately feed themselves, whether that be through in-work poverty or insufficient or sanctioned benefits; notes that, to date, the store has donated over 6,559 meals via donations made to various charities to families across the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency; understands that it does so through the Food Cloud app, through which it posts details every day of the available food for collection, allowing food banks to collect what they need day-to-day; believes that while this work is of incredible importance, it should not be right that in 2019 in Scotland, people have to turn to foodbanks to live, and hopes that we see a see change in the approach to welfare across the UK to deliver better support for the most vulnerable in communities.

Supported by: Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Bob Doris, Maureen Watt, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Gillian Martin, Stewart Stevenson, Ruth Maguire, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Fulton MacGregor

St Teresa’s Primary School

That the Parliament congratulates St Teresa’s Primary School and nursery class in the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency on its achievements, which were highlighted by a team of inspectors from Education Scotland in a recent report; notes that the report outlined that the headteacher’s very strong and caring leadership, the nurturing and highly inclusive ethos in the nursery and at the primary stages, and the outstanding, inclusive support, which is offered to children at the primary stages, are areas of importance; understands that the strengths demonstrated in these areas contribute to the wellbeing of children and young people, encouraging a strong sense of belonging and enabling all children to learn successfully; believes that the work of everyone in Scotland's schools is of incredible importance, and wishes the school community every continuing success.

Supported by: Monica Lennon, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Maureen Watt, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Stewart Stevenson, Ruth Maguire, Gil Paterson, Fulton MacGregor

Whitehill Incinerator Planning Appeal Abandoned

As an amendment to motion S5M-17485 in the name of Monica Lennon (Whitehill Incinerator Planning Appeal Abandoned), leave out from “believes that no community” to “Hamilton Energy Recovery Action Group,” and insert “understands that the former Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights undertook engagements with concerned local people and community groups to understand directly their concerns in relation to the Whitehill incinerator plans and that, rather than attempt to politicise this announcement, decided that the focus should be on the hard work of local communities in making their voices heard throughout the process; believes that the forthcoming Planning Bill will be an excellent opportunity for the Parliament to come together to recognise the importance of local people’s views in the planning process; pays tribute to the Hamilton Energy Recovery Action Group, led by Phil Sykes, which was a key group in raising awareness of the incinerator plans, not only to the people of Hamilton but beyond, including in Bellshill in the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency; congratulates all of the many community groups involved in campaigning against the proposal such as”.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald, Kenneth Gibson, Alex Neil, Ruth Maguire, Gil Paterson

Dawnfresh Seafoods Takes on 100% of Young Work Placement Candidates

That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by Dawnfresh Seafoods in the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency that it will be giving young people facing employment challenges a step up on the career ladder through an announcement by Movement to Work, a work-placement charity, that the company will take on all of the young people to whom it offered a work-placement opportunity in the last 12 months; notes that the young people involved in the programme included those who had been homeless, had addiction issues and had additional learning needs, but all of whom have now been taken on as apprentices specialising in engineering, food and drink operations, supply chain management and a degree-apprenticeship in business management; understands that Dawnfresh is a successful business that produces seafood for major retailers and food services in the UK and around the world; believes that partnerships such as that between Dawnfresh and Movement to Work are important in extending employment opportunities out to people, especially young people, in communities across Scotland, and pays tribute to all those organisations and employers across the country who provide opportunities for young people to enter into employment.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Rona Mackay, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Emma Harper, Gillian Martin, Joan McAlpine, Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Gil Paterson, Pauline McNeill, Maureen Watt, Angela Constance, Tom Arthur, Stewart Stevenson

Alzheimer Scotland Report, Delivering Fair Dementia Care for People with Advanced Dementia

That the Parliament welcomes the Alzheimer Scotland report, Delivering Fair Dementia Care for People with Advanced Dementia; believes this to be an important contribution to the understanding of advanced dementia and the care needed by people in the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency and across Scotland who are living with the condition; is concerned that the report finds that, too often, they are not able to access the healthcare that they need, and acknowledges the view that they should receive the expert health care services that they need, on an equal basis with other progressive terminal conditions, which should be provided free at the point of use.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, Joan McAlpine, Pauline McNeill, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Sandra White, Colin Smyth, Finlay Carson, Jackie Baillie, Alex Neil, Annie Wells, Fulton MacGregor, Gil Paterson, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Liam Kerr, David Stewart, Rhoda Grant, Tom Mason, Oliver Mundell, Monica Lennon, Tom Arthur, John Finnie, Kezia Dugdale, Neil Findlay, Neil Bibby, Gordon Lindhurst, Alexander Burnett, Alasdair Allan, Mark Ruskell, Miles Briggs, Jeremy Balfour R, Dean Lockhart, Alexander Stewart, Angela Constance, Alison Harris, Murdo Fraser, Angus MacDonald, Brian Whittle, Lewis Macdonald, Donald Cameron, Jackson Carlaw, Alison Johnstone, Maurice Corry, Rachael Hamilton, Iain Gray, Edward Mountain, Alex Rowley, John Scott, Tavish Scott, Maureen Watt, Bruce Crawford, Jenny Marra, Annabelle Ewing

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 04/06/2019
Deposit Return Scheme

That the Parliament recognises what it sees as the highly-innovative deposit return trial project that is being run by the Nisa convenience store and Post Office in the Uddingston and Bellshill constituency and is supported by the Scottish Grocers Federation; understands that it has seen high levels of returned containers, which produce very high quality recyclate; welcomes the news that an extremely high number of customers are donating their reclaimed deposit to St Andrew's Hospice, which is the project's charity partner; understands however that the inclusion of glass in any national deposit system would pose significant challenges for small retailers in terms of larger and more expensive reverse vending machines being required for an automated take-back approach and cause problems with storage, space and safe handling of glass in-store if a manual take-back approach is used; hopes that this issue is taken into account, and sends its best wishes to all involved with the Uddingston and Bellshill-based pilot.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson, Maureen Watt, Jenny Gilruth, Emma Harper, Sandra White, Fulton MacGregor, Joan McAlpine, Gil Paterson, Anas Sarwar, Gillian Martin, Tom Arthur, Margaret Mitchell

New College Lanarkshire Wins Big at the MPA Awards

That the Parliament congratulates photography students from New College Lanarkshire on capturing an incredible awards tally at the Master Photographers Association (MPA) Scottish Region Awards 2019; understands that the team of HNC and HND students from the Motherwell Campus received 14 Awards of Excellence, while Fabrizio Fella of Uddingston was named Student Photographer of the Year; notes that the 21 finalists from the college who were invited to attend the ceremony at the Grange Manor Hotel in Grangemouth also picked up 47 merits for their photographs; acknowledges that the MPA, which was established in 1952, is one of Britain’s longest-running associations for professional photographers and that this is only the second year that the Scottish Region Awards has featured a category for students attending colleges or universities in Scotland; notes that, in addition to winning the Student category for his photograph, Floral Princess, and an Award of Excellence for his image, Peaky Blinders: The boiler room, Fabrizio also took home eight merit certificates for his work; believes that awards such as the MPA Scottish Region Awards are important in recognising the exceptional talent of Scotland's photographers and in particular its students, not only in Lanarkshire but across the country, and wishes all the finalists and winners the very best of success for their futures.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Rona Mackay, Joan McAlpine, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt, Fulton MacGregor, Elaine Smith, Sandra White, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Bill Kidd, Stewart Stevenson, Tom Arthur, Clare Adamson

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