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Building a Social Security System Together: Co-designing the Social Security Charter

As an amendment to motion S5M-14160 in the name of Shirley-Anne Somerville (Building a Social Security System Together: Co-designing the Social Security Charter), leave out from "agrees that the process" to “public service” and insert “considers that this consultation is an open, ongoing process, in which people who are entitled to social security are encouraged to enrol and participate; agrees that the process of consultation and co-design will help build trust in this new public service; believes that meaningful co-production should be an exemplar that informs future Scottish public service design”.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 02/10/2018
Building a Social Security System Together: Co-designing the Social Security Charter

As an amendment to motion S5M-14160 in the name of Shirley-Anne Somerville (Building a Social Security System Together: Co-designing the Social Security Charter), after “public service” insert “, but should also consider how it might enable any other individual or organisation with an interest to be consulted as part of any scrutiny of the draft charter”.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 02/10/2018
League Cup Semi-final Fixtures

That the Parliament notes the decision taken by the SPFL to host both League Cup semi-finals at Hampden Park on 28 October 2018, with Aberdeen v Rangers scheduled for a noon kick-off and Hearts playing Celtic at 7.45 pm; believes that, while scheduling logistics and supporter safety are paramount, this has again resulted in a frustrating and impractical travel situation for supporters, including families, particularly those living in the north east, with the first train from Aberdeen to Glasgow due to arrive that day at 12:14 pm; understands that ScotRail has expressed disappointment that the SPFL did not contact it to discuss travel logistics prior to the announcement and that, although options for additional services will be considered, it has said that the logistical challenges “should not be underestimated”; understands that both Aberdeen and Hearts have released statements outlining concerns with the decision, with alternative solutions suggested, such as postponing one of the ties or relocating one to an alternative venue, and urges the SPFL to prioritise supporters and consider all variables for future cup matches including, but not limited to, geography.

Supported by: George Adam, Joan McAlpine, Sandra White, Richard Lyle, John Mason, Jeremy Balfour, Kenneth Gibson, Tom Mason, Bill Kidd, Liam Kerr, Stewart Stevenson, Jenny Gilruth, Mark McDonald, Lewis Macdonald, Fulton MacGregor

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
East Lothian Success at Scottish Beer Awards for Belhaven and Eyeball

That the Parliament congratulates the brewers, Belhaven and Eyeball, which are both in East Lothian, on their success at the Scottish Beer Awards 2018; understands that the Dunbar-based Belhaven Brewery won the Beer of the Year title for its Twisted Grapefruit IPA, which was also awarded gold in the Best Fruit Forward category; notes that it won the Exporter of the Year award, had two finalists in the Best British Style Ale category, with its 80 Shilling taking silver, had a further two finalists in the Best Stout category and one each in the Best Pale Ale and Best Fruit Forward sections; acknowledges that Eyeball Brewing, which is in West Barns, had two finalists in the Best Lager or Pilsner category, Eyeball Yellow and Eyeball Black, with the Yellow being awarded silver; congratulates all at Belhaven and Eyeball on their success, and praises both businesses and all of the other winners and finalists.

Supported by: David Stewart, Bill Kidd, Patrick Harvie, Stewart Stevenson, Alexander Burnett

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Glasgow Hosts the Great Scottish Run

That the Parliament congratulates the participants in the 2018 Great Scottish Run, which took place in Glasgow; recognises the achievements of the estimated 30,000 people who took part in the running events across the city, and acknowledges their contribution to raising awareness of, and money for, many great charitable causes.

Supported by: Miles Briggs, Margaret Mitchell, Jeremy Balfour, Liz Smith, Tom Mason, Maurice Corry, Jamie Greene, Alexander Stewart, Bill Kidd, Peter Chapman, Neil Findlay, Sandra White, Mark McDonald, Rachael Hamilton, Alexander Burnett, Liam Kerr

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
North Lanarkshire Schools Pipe Bands

That the Parliament congratulates North Lanarkshire Schools Novice and Juvenile Pipe Bands on being invited to 2019’s Tartan Day celebrations in New York; applauds the success that they have had in 2017 in winning three championships; notes that the Novice Juvenile won the Champion of Champions title for the best performance across the five annual major pipe championships; commends the band for securing runner-up place at the World Championships held at Glasgow Green in August 2018; recognises the efforts of all involved, including through volunteering and giving time, and wishes everyone involved in promoting piping and in performing the best for the future.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Iain Gray, Kenneth Gibson, Neil Findlay, Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Gordon Lindhurst, Monica Lennon, Alexander Burnett, Fulton MacGregor

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
ANYiSO's New Office

That the Parliament congratulates ANYiSO, a women’s group established to ensure that women are given support and services needed to enable them to live better and safer lives free from discrimination and abuse, on the opening of its office in the Blairdrum Neighbourhood Centre; understands that ANYiSO will be delivering free workshops such as beadmaking, sewing, employability and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes; recognises the vital contribution that it considers ANYiSO makes to people in Anniesland, and wishes everyone involved all the best in their future endeavours.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Joan McAlpine, James Dornan, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson, Bob Doris, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Colin Beattie, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Alex Cole-Hamilton

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Orkney College Graduation

That the Parliament congratulates all those who graduated from Orkney College UHI on 28 October 2018; notes that the ceremony was presided over by The Princess Royal in her role as chancellor of UHI, and took place once again in the magnificent surroundings of St Magnus Cathedral; understands that the ceremony saw 286 students graduate across an extremely wide range of subjects in further and higher education; recognises that this breadth of achievement reflects the invaluable role that Orkney College UHI plays in supporting the development of skills and genuine lifelong learning in the islands; believes that all those who received awards should be proud of their efforts, in return for the hard work that they have put in, supported by college staff; notes that the ceremony included several special awards, such as the Orkney College Undergraduate Student of the Year, which was presented to William Lowe, the Orkney College UHI Further Education Student of the Year, which was received by Vikki Thomson, and the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association Class Rep of the Year Award, which was presented to Graham Sinclair, and wishes all those graduating from colleges across the country the best of luck in the future.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Bill Kidd, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Alasdair Allan, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Alexander Burnett, Tom Arthur

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Partnership Success for the National Women's Rugby Team

That the Parliament congratulates Scotland Women, the national women’s rugby team, and SP Energy Networks, the central and southern Scotland electricity network operator, on their new partnership; understands that the three-year deal is the first time that the women’s rugby team has had a separate sponsor to the men’s team, recognising the successful growth of the sport; believes that this commitment will see the promotion of both women’s rugby and women in engineering; recognises that the deal will see vital messaging around electricity safety and power cuts taken into schools and communities by the players, and that Scottish Rugby, through its charitable partners, will help raise awareness of SP Energy Networks’ services for vulnerable customers, and hopes that the new partnership will help encourage more women into sport and STEM careers.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Kenneth Gibson, Liam McArthur, Bill Kidd, George Adam, Richard Lyle, Bruce Crawford, David Torrance, Tavish Scott, Anas Sarwar, Tom Mason, Johann Lamont, Alexander Burnett, Angela Constance, Fulton MacGregor, Iain Gray, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Botanical Library to Aid Scotland's Gin Producers

That the Parliament commends the scientists at the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling, which is based at Heriot-Watt University, on its three-year project to create a botanical library to help gin producers create new products; understands that the experts tested 72 plants and fungi used by distillers, ranging from nettles to a fungus that grows on birch trees; appreciates that the purpose of this has been to boost gin exports, by ensuring that unusual flavours meet the import standards of countries, including the United States, and are not stopped at customs; understands that at least 70% of the gin that is distilled in the UK is produced in Scotland and that sales are expected to hit £1.5 billion by 2020, and welcomes all of the gin botanicals that can be grown in Scotland and that are made commercially available from a sustainable source.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Miles Briggs, Bill Kidd, Emma Harper, Joan McAlpine, Bruce Crawford, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Stuart McMillan, Neil Findlay, Alexander Burnett, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Angela Constance

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
SPFL to Host Both League Cup Semi-finals at Hampden Park

That the Parliament notes the decision taken by the SPFL to host both League Cup semi-finals at Hampden Park on 28 October 2018, with Hearts v Celtic scheduled for a 7.45 pm kick off; believes that this decision will affect supporter safety and exclude families from participating in the event; is concerned about how families will travel home from the game; understands that ScotRail has expressed disappointment at this decision, and calls on the SPFL to come up with an alternative solution that protects supporters of all ages.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Alison Harris, Michelle Ballantyne, Alexander Stewart, Miles Briggs, Peter Chapman, Margaret Mitchell, Bill Kidd, Liam Kerr, Liz Smith, Maurice Corry, Jamie Greene, Murdo Fraser, Bill Bowman, Mark McDonald, Annie Wells, Alexander Burnett

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
World Teachers’ Day

That the Parliament notes the importance of World Teachers’ Day 2018, which will be marked on 5 October; acknowledges what it sees as the invaluable contribution that Scotland’s teachers make to the lives of young people, and the nation as a whole, by expanding the horizons and opportunities of the next generation; notes that 2018 also marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognises education as a key fundamental right and establishes an entitlement to free compulsory education, to help ensure inclusive and equitable access for all children, and recognises that the theme for the awareness day this year, “the right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”, has been chosen to remind the global community that meaningful education cannot be achieved without having trained and qualified teachers.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, Kenneth Gibson, David Torrance, Bob Doris, Alex Rowley, Stuart McMillan, Tavish Scott, Johann Lamont, Neil Findlay, John Mason, Neil Bibby

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
High Constables of Perth Vote to Admit Women

That the Parliament welcomes the decision by the Perth Society of High Constables to allow women to join for the first time in its 188-year history; notes that the society dates back to the days when chosen “constables” would represent the throne’s justice system at a local level; understands that the members of the society voted by a near 90% majority to approve the change; recognises that the High Constables are called upon to provide ceremonial roles by the Provost and march during the Remembrance Day commemorations, and believes that this vote will ensure that the society remains relevant and can help ensure its future and continue the good work that the “constables” do.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Miles Briggs, Liz Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Alexander Stewart R, Donald Cameron, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Kenneth Gibson, Peter Chapman, Alison Harris, Michelle Ballantyne, Jeremy Balfour, Bill Bowman, Annie Wells, Rachael Hamilton, Alexander Burnett, Liam Kerr, Jamie Halcro Johnston, John Scott

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Hospice Care Week 2018

That the Parliament recognises what it sees as the crucial palliative and bereavement care that charitable hospices deliver in the Lothian region and across Scotland; notes that, in 2017, hospices cared for an estimated 21,000 people, with most being cared for at home or through outpatient care; believes that hospices are community assets that also provide support and training to people working in other care settings; understands that they need to raise around £44 million every year to keep their doors open; pays tribute to their dedicated staff for delivering incredible care; praises the communities that make hospice care possible through volunteering and fundraising; understands that Hospice UK is the only charity for hospice care across the UK and that its members in Scotland are the Accord Hospice, the Ardgowan Hospice, the Bethesda Hospice, Children’s Hospice Across Scotland (CHAS), the Highland Hospice, the Kilbryde Hospice, Marie Curie hospices and nursing services, the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, Roxburghe House, St Andrew’s Hospice, St Columba’s Hospice, St Vincent’s Hospice, St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, Strathcarron Hospice and the Ayrshire Hospice; commends the charity on its work supporting and championing hospice care; shares its vision that everyone in need should have access to hospice or palliative care; understands however that one-in-four people living with a life-limiting or terminal illness do not receive this; encourages people to support their local and national hospice care charities, and urges people to get involved in Hospice Care Week 2018, which runs from 8 to 14 October and is the annual week of activity to raise the profile of hospice care across the UK.

Supported by: Jamie Halcro Johnston, Liz Smith, Alexander Stewart, Maurice Corry, Jamie Greene, Murdo Fraser, Gordon Lindhurst, Margaret Mitchell, Michelle Ballantyne, Tom Mason, Kenneth Gibson, John Mason, Alison Harris, Elaine Smith, Jeremy Balfour, Colin Smyth, Jackie Baillie, Edward Mountain, Annie Wells, Neil Findlay, Alexander Burnett, Angela Constance, Liam Kerr, John Scott

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
Regulation of Electricians as a Profession

That the Parliament notes the calls supporting the principle of the regulation of electricians as a profession; understands that, while over 100 regulated professions exist in the UK, including gas engineers, there is no protection afforded to electricians; appreciates that improperly-installed electrical work creates a significant risk of fire as well as other harm to householders in the Highlands and Islands and across Scotland; believes that the installation of electrical work by unqualified or only partly qualified individuals carries the risk of defects and safety issues arising; acknowledges the survey conducted by SELECT, which is the trade association for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland, which suggests that 93% of householders would expect someone claiming to be an electrician to be properly qualified and that 89% were not aware of how to check the qualifications of someone, and acknowledges the calls for the Scottish Government to consider how the Parliament’s powers over protection of title can be utilised to reassure the public of the safety of electrical work that is carried out in domestic and non-domestic premises.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Liz Smith, Miles Briggs, Alexander Stewart, Jeremy Balfour, Margaret Mitchell, Edward Mountain, Alison Harris, Willie Rennie, Michelle Ballantyne, Jackie Baillie, Monica Lennon, Maurice Corry, Maurice Golden, Jamie Greene, Liam Kerr, Iain Gray, Gordon Lindhurst, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Liam McArthur, James Kelly, Annie Wells, Neil Findlay, Rachael Hamilton, Alexander Burnett, John Scott, Bruce Crawford, Alison Johnstone

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 25/10/2018
Building a Social Security System Together: Co-designing the Social Security Charter

That the Parliament recognises the progress made in working with Experience Panels and others to develop Scotland’s Social Security Charter; agrees with the human rights approach being taken to empower citizens to jointly lead this work; endorses the published findings of those with lived experience supporting work on the charter; agrees that the process of consultation and co-design will help build trust in this new public service, and notes the Scottish Government’s ongoing commitment to work with the Parliament and people of Scotland to deliver a social security system that lives up to the principles, agreed unanimously by the Parliament, in Section 1 of the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018.

Supported by: Christina McKelvie

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 02/10/2018
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