Inquiry launched by committee on flooding and flood management


The future of flooding and flood management in Scotland will be examined in an inquiry launched today by the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs and Environment Committee.

To help them in their consideration, Committee members wish to hear from those who have been affected by flooding, are involved in managing or responding to flooding or can provide insights into future flooding in the context of climate change.

Committee convener Roseanna Cunningham MSP said:

"Being flooded is a devastating experience. This summer parts of England suffered the worst effects.

"Parts of Scotland have been affected by flooding in the past and may be again in the future. We can’t pretend that we can eliminate flooding but we must ensure that it is managed as effectively as possible.

"We want to look at how the existing systems of flood management in Scotland operate and how they might be improved in the context of past experience and possible future climate change.

"The Committee is encouraged that the Scottish Government has committed itself to modernising legislation relating to flooding and flood management. Our inquiry will help us be better informed about the wider issues relating to flooding and flood management before that legislation is introduced”.

Key questions to be considered by the Committee include:

  • What is the potential impact of climate change on the frequency and severity of all types of flooding in Scotland?
  • What changes are needed to the existing legislation?
  • Who should be responsible for flood management and how should it be funded?
  • What role should sustainable flood management play in mitigating the effects of flooding?
  • What role can land-use management, the planning system and building regulations play in mitigating the effects of flooding?
  • Are there any improvements needed to existing flood warning systems?
  • How effective are the responses to flooding events?

The deadline for written submissions is 12 December 2007.

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