Child poverty to be focus of Scottish Parliament committee event in Glasgow


Child poverty experts will meet with the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government Committee in a roundtable event on Wednesday 26 March at Glasgow City Chambers. Among those organisations discussing child poverty will be Save the Children, Barnardo’s Scotland , One Parent Families and Scotland ’s Disabled Children.

Committee Convener Duncan McNeil MSP said:

“Child poverty adversely affects every area of a child’s life including their health, education, future employment and well-being. There are an estimated 90,000 children living in severe and persistent poverty in Scotland .

“Committee members are pleased to be at Glasgow City Chambers to discuss the pressing issue of child poverty in Scotland . We believe that for any child in Scotland to be living in poverty in the 21 st century is a challenge that must be faced.

“Our roundtable event will bring together those organisations working to identify and tackle the key priorities of child poverty sadly experienced by many of Scotland ’s children. We are also keen to identify those areas where action would reap the most immediate and significant difference, such as how the targets on ending child poverty by 2020 and halving child poverty by 2010 can best be met. “

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