MSPs expenses information for 2016/17 published online


Latest details of all MSPs parliamentary expenses are published on the web today. Quarter 4’s expenses from the financial year 2016/17 are now available online via the Parliament’s searchable database facility.

A briefing paper setting out end year total expenditure figures is also published today.

The end year total for the 2016/17 financial year is £15,832,096, which is an increase of £3,061,172 on 2015-16.

The figures reflect the change to the Member’s staff salary provision which came into effect at the start of the fifth parliamentary session (2016-2017).

From May 2016 staff salary provision increased from £62,300 to £85,000 enabling each Member to employ up to three staff, where previously two staff would have been typical.

This increase in support staff reflected the increased demands on MSPs and the impending arrival of significant new tax and welfare powers for the Scottish Parliament. The capped allowance also ensures all support staff can be paid the living wage.

For the first time, total staff costs paid by each member during the financial year are published on the web (link below). Examples of the pay scales and job roles typical in a Member’s office are also available on the website.

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said:

"The increase in support staff provision came into effect in May 2016. It reflects the increasing demands being made on MSPs and their staff as the Parliament assumes significant new powers over tax and welfare.

“To be clear, this is funding to enable MSPs to employ up to three full time staff, instead of two, so they can better meet the needs of constituents, scrutinise the Parliament’s new powers effectively and continue to hold the Government to account.”

Background information

Search function:

Details of all MSPs expenses claims can be viewed on the Parliament’s searchable database.

2016/17 briefing document:

A briefing document setting out expenditure details as a whole for 2016/17 can be found here.

This includes: year on year total figures for expenses and examples of the pay scales and job roles in MSPs offices.

Staff cost provision by each Member

The total staff cost incurred by each Member in the last financial year is available here.

Stationery and Postage provision

The total stationery and postage cost incurred by each Member in the last financial year is available here.

MSPs expenses scheme

More information is available here.

Expenses in Open Data format

Quarterly expenses information is also published in an open data format that is machine-readable and enables the user to manage raw information and re-present in different ways.

The data sets can be accessed via our API or as a single downloadable item which is around 60-70MB in size.

Links to our Open Data pages:

Home page for Open Data.

Link to the Datasets we publish.

Use the ‘filter data sets’ drop down menu and click on Allowances.

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