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Too many listed buildings are allowed to deteriorate becoming eyesores and the original purpose of listing is defeated.

I am concerned about the future of listed buildings which are deteriorating due to lack of restoration or even basic maintenance. In my own counties of Argyll & Bute and Dunbartonshire I know of several cases where listing have been made with the justification of public and historic interest but which have then fallen into disrepair to an estate rendering their survival marginal. I’m sure these are not isolated events and that the problem exists throughout Scotland.

The explanation is invariably that the upkeep is not a viable financial proposition for the owner and this is equally true whether the ownership is private or public.

My personal view is that an amendment of this nature would assist in achieving the objectives of Historic Scotland, and of course focus minds upon the practicalities of achieving their objectives. If these are shown to require financial support then it makes sense that this should be included in all deliberations.

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