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Background Info

The benefits of a review would be:

• to eliminate inconsistencies in the implementation of the Scottish Regulations and through them with the EU Directive with which they should be compliant.

For example, whereas paragraphs 27 and 28 of the Directive provide that the member state should take action to restore water quality where that is necessary to protect human health, and Article 130 r (2) requires that priority be given to action which rectifies the problem at source, the Scottish Minister responsible for the Directive states that in Scotland responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and any remedial action to bring a private water supply into Compliance rests with the owners and users of those supplies and not with national or local authorities.

• to reconsider the powers of enforcement granted to local authorities so that any remedial action required is proven effective.

The benefits of guidance provision would be:

• to ensure consistent practice across different services;
• to ensure that Environmental Health departments are involved where Planning matters are raised which are pertinent to Public Health.

The benefit of transferring the regulatory powers over the quality of private water supplies to the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland would be:

• more objective and focused examination of water-specific issues
• more reliable avoidance of cases of water-borne disease;
• a specialist unit would achieve better liaison with the UK Cross-Government Strategy to ‘increase the prevention of infection’ (The Lancet) in parallel with increasing Anti-Microbial resistance, now listed on the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies.

The benefits of an Equal Right of Appeal would be:

• to avert unduly preferential treatment of commercial developers over individual households;
• to ensure that Developers cannot pass on provision and maintenance costs for essential services to individuals or their communities.

Personal Experience

The developer contracted to repair the water collecting tank for the private water supply serving 35 households reneged on this. The Council’s planning department failed to enforce this repair at ‘source’, and refused to defer further building on site, thereby obstructing legal Action and allowing the passing on of these costs and associated health risks to us and the community.

Boil water notices have been issued over the past two decades, with cases of water-borne disease, including E.Coli 0157, notified. Bacterial contamination of our own domestic supply despite the presence of a UV filter necessitated our attachment to mains water at full cost.

The European Parliament Petitions Committee wrote to the Scottish Government to ask for measures to address the “unnecessarily dangerous” water situation faced by our community. These were refused by the Scottish Minister responsible for the Directive who indicated that this situation was “fairly typical” of supplies drawn from farmland.

Approval in principle for further development on the same supply still leaves Compliance with Regulations with regard to essential services reliant on the “honour” of commercial Developers.

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