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Glue traps are cruel, indiscriminate, and cause immense prolonged suffering to any animal caught in them. The indiscriminate nature of these traps was illustrated by the recent case of a female blackbird discovered by a customer at a pet shop in Inverness. The bird had struggled to escape so desperately and for so long that she had pulled off one leg and most of her feathers on her tail and underside. She must have been in immense pain and distress.

Guidelines state that these traps be checked frequently and any caught animal be killed by a swift blow to the head. However, these are only guidelines, are often not followed and the animal dies slowly, overcome by its injuries, suffocation in the glue, or by starvation.

Glue traps often catch non-target species, such as wild birds, and guidelines for their use are often not followed. There is at present no regulation over these devices, they are for sale to the public and their use is not monitored to check compliance with guidelines. 

A ban on the sale of these traps is necessary to stop animals from being trapped in these devices and suffering terribly. Even 'pest' species which may need controlled for hygiene or health and safety reasons can be trapped in much more humane ways, including those ways which bring about a swift death, minimising suffering.

Similar UK wide petitions have been launched, which in itself indicates the scale of public abhorrence at their sale and use. We believe if the Scottish Government agrees to ban these products that this will set an important precedent for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

Glue traps and boards are banned in Ireland, New Zealand and the Australian state of Victoria.

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