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The Scottish Government claim that "You are entitled to a funded part-time place for your child, broadly speaking, from the beginning of the school term starting after their third birthday." However, as my husband and I have found out, this is not entirely accurate, as the Scottish Government have birthday "cut offs" for which your child needs to have his or her birthday fall within these dates (set out below) in order to be eligible to gain funding.

These are highly unfair for a large group of children, as many children are being required to wait until the second term after their third birthday before they become entitled to the funding, yet some children according to the dates set by the Scottish Government are entitled to the funding and take up a place before they have turned 3 years old. This whole system needs to be reviewed and changed so that ALL children can receive their funding after their third birthday. In order for this system to become fair for all and non-discriminatory, these dates or "cuts offs" need to be abolished and the funding automatically becomes available on the date of the child's third birthday, therefore ensuring that ALL children can take up their part-time funded place within days of turning 3 (where possible due to school terms).

Current dates for eligibility for funding are:

1st March - 31st August - eligible for funding at the start of the Autumn Term (Mid- August)
1st September - 31st December - eligible for funding at the start of the Spring Term (January)
1st January - 29th February - eligible for funding at the start of the Summer Term (Mid-April)

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