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The action requested in the petition is necessary in an attempt to save the lives of Ocular Melanoma sufferers in Scotland.

Ocular Melanoma is very rare and an orphaned cancer. Ocular Melanoma affects only 7 in 1 million people worldwide so the numbers in Scotland are few, but sufferers should be afforded the same importance as sufferers of the more common cancers. We have had to become our own advocates as no one is listening and GPs do not understand this condition.

The requested scans are vital in detection of early metastatic disease to the liver which would allow us life prolonging treatments and to plan for the future. We are being refused these scans, fellow sufferers South of the border receive these scans 6 monthly and patients North of the border should be given the same opportunity.

Allow Ocular Melanoma patients in Scotland to have a voice in their treatments and allow them to plan their futures should metastatic disease be detected. We should not be treated differently because we reside in Scotland.

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