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It should be an offence to knowingly damage our precious environment by deliberately wasting valuable resources. Those who misuse "waste" bins must be made accountable for their actions.

Whilst it is encouraging to see the amount of waste going to landfill falling (even slightly) every year (http://www.sepa.org.uk/media/163051/household-waste-summary-data-2014.pdf), I do believe that this is an area where our parliamentarians - working together - can make real progress. As with other legislation, like dog licenses, there could be an introductory "educational" period to ease the transition, followed-up by significant fines once everyone has the chance to adjust.

Of course, on many occasions it would be almost impossible to work out who exactly was responsible for the offence, but in time the worst offenders would be caught and brought to justice, and (perhaps more importantly) Scotland would send a clear message that recycling is essential to our future well-being. Every item we send to landfill pollutes more of Scotland's soil and represents a complete waste of our natural resources.

Future generations will be absolutely appalled at our prolificacy even in 2016 - after over 10 years of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". 42.8% is simply not enough and, at the 2014-15 rate of increase (0.6%), Scotland would take over 42 years to reach 70% recycling. Any complacency of this issue is just daft. We need urgent action.

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