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I am concerned that NHS Scotland is doing less than NHS England to raise awareness of Sepsis. I would therefore suggest that NHS Scotland establish a working group, akin to NHS England's cross-system sepsis programme board, to increase awareness of early identification, diagnosis and management of sepsis amongst the general public and clinicians across the NHS.

The Scottish Government should encourage SIGN to review and refresh its existing guidance on sepsis and in doing so, consider the recent NICE Guideline 51 on sepsis recognition, diagnosis and early management.

It is important that both the public and clinicians recognise the signs of sepsis and realise that it should be treated as an emergency in the same way as heart attacks. To help meet this goal, the Scottish Government could, for example, work with relevant charities such as the UK Sepsis Trust and the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust to develop and disseminate information and materials for clinicians and the public on the diagnosis annd treatment of sepsis in the prehospital and hospital setting.

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