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My partner has been type 1 diabetic for 40+ years and recently was introduced to the Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system. A sensor is placed on the upper arm and by scanning this senor using the reader provided gives an instant blood sugar reading. In addition the user can input information, such as how many carbohydrates were consumed at meals, how much insulin was injected and also allows alarms to be set to reminder for the user. 

In my partner's situation, now that she is familiar with the system, her blood sugar readings have greatly improved and are as stable as I can remember. Other users have reported the same results via Facebook.

The cost of sensors is a major issue for many of these people. Two per month are required, costing around £100 for both. This is a major expense (not just for us, but other users find it financially difficult) and corners have to be cut to meet this expense.

There is currently a petition lodged by Jamie Reed MP in Westminster but we were advised we should create a petition north of the border. There is more info on the English petition at the link below, which also mentions the £13m cost to the NHS as a result of diabetics experiencing severe hypos.


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