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Motorcycle theft in Edinburgh and all over Scotland is at an all-time high and peaks every summer as tourists come to visit our beautiful country.

We would like to see motorcycle theft treated as a more serious crime, considering that many of the motorcycles stolen cost in excess of £10,000, and for it to be dealt with quicker.

We would also like the police to have more power when apprehending motorcycle thieves as we feel they are currently lacking manpower and resources.

We would also like increased punishments for bike thieves. This would act as more of a deterrent for those people stealing bikes as, at the moment, they feel they will get away with it.

Hundreds of bikes are stolen every year at a great expense to many hard working people. The cost of recovery, repair and the increased insurance costs are excessive and we are constantly targeted. The police do not have the manpower, the resources, or the laws required to combat this situation and, as a result, it is going unchecked and it is spreading.

In recent weeks, this has come to a head resulting in a few fatalities, some of which were innocent civilians. The police currently have a "no pursuit" rule when it comes to motorcycles as there may be negative repercussions should the criminal crash. The police are told they cannot keep tabs on known offenders as this could be regarded as police harassment, and they do not have the manpower to act anyway.

Most of the bike thieves in the Edinburgh area are young boys with no training, no licence and no insurance. They do not know the rules of the road, the power that some of these bikes have and, as a result, injuries and fatalities are occurring.

The main problem is that they know they can't be chased and they know that a conviction is very unlikely. As such, it has become a right of passage for many young people. Unless there is a deterrent put in place of a harsher punishment and a more likely conviction, things are unlikely to change.

Most of the thieves do not even wear helmets. The amount of danger that they put themselves and innocent bystanders in is enormous and unless something is done to change things then the fatalities will continue.

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