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Examples include smoking related, alcohol related, illegal drug related, obesity related conditions. In general any illness or condition in which the sufferer is solely or mainly responsible. Such refusal of treatment to follow a reasonable period of warning (e.g. one year) to allow everyone to readjust lifestyles.
The proportion of self-inflicted illness being treated by the NHS has been increasing over the years and shows no sign of levelling off. The cost to the NHS and taxpayer is massive. If these funds were released to treat illness that cannot be avoided, then correspondingly massive improvements could be made for those who are ill through no fault of their own.
Treating self-inflicted illness goes against the basic founding principle of the British NHS - treatment should be based on need. Obviously there is no need to smoke, drink excessively, abuse illegal drugs etc. Consequently there is no need for any of the resulting illnesses or conditions arise.
There must be serious doubt about the long term affordability and sustainability of the NHS if costs keep rising. Eventually, this will result in treatment being unaffordable even for those who are ill through no fault of their own.
Serious gaps in NHS care for many people are already evident. Significant additional funding will be required on an ongoing basis to address these deficiencies. The political parties should have faced and addressed this problem decades ago. I challenge them to act now.

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