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Before I submitted this petition:

  • I researched and almost finished writing a book about incest;
  • I wrote to one man in Scotland convicted of incest with his daughter and to his lawyer and I started a world-wide petition on his behalf.(not this one);
  • I wrote to several major newspapers and Australian politicians and radio personalities about Scotland's law of mistreatment for ACI people;
  • I wrote to the present Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and head of the police in Scotland by email about this. (Justice Directorate reply reference: 2015/0027901);
  • I wrote to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II asking for a Royal Pardon for victims of UKs unfair and retrograde anti-ACI laws;
  • I wrote to the Heads of State and PMs of 20 states and countries that do not punish ACI people and asked them to promote human rights for ACI people in the UK and USA.

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