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I have researched this issue thorouhly and had my Hypothesis peer reviewed and published. I will provide my published hypothesis to the clerking team. The full text and Pdf can be found at:


I have discussed this matter with my MSP (Ken Macintosh), my MP (Kirsten Oswald), and the advisor to Autism Treatment Trust, Murdo Fraser MSP.

I have asked for an interview with various Health Ministers etc and have been either refused or re-directed.

I have visited the Chief Scientist's office (Scotland).

I have recently requested assistance in progressing this hypothesis from individual research scientists who have shown an interest in the 'autism enigma', and who have received direct funding from the Medical Research Council in the last ten years. The researchers are based at various institutions including:

University of York, Birkbeck College London, Kings College London, University of Southampton, University College London, University of Oxford, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, Institute of Neurology, MRC-Cambridge University, University of Reading etc.

I have also passed my hypothesis to selected scientists overseas including at:

Rush University, University of Texas, and UC Davis.

This is an ongoing exercise.

I am endeavouring to open a dialogue with the University of Glasgow's Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences college.

I have made my hypothesis available to some parents via the internet and it has now been accessed by parents in over 45 countries revealing the worldwide interest in this issue. I will provide a map illustrating the many countries that have accessed this research.


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