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I have written a paper "Mycoplasma Fermentans and Deciliation as a Precursor to Regressive Autism" which was peer reviewed and published in September 2015. My paper concludes Mycoplasma Fermentans, a very small bacterium, could possibly be a potential causal factor for autism and that vaccination is one likely conduit for how the bacteria comes to be in children. My paper suggests that more research is required.

My published Hypothesis contains a graph which should alarm all elected representatives. The rate of autism diagnosis in Scotland and the UK (plus the USA and many other countries) has risen dramatically in the last twenty years.

It is imperative that the issue of rising autism numbers is urgently and properly investigated.

Many of the symptoms we witness in regressive autism have a clear auditory component (sound sensitivity, language development etc), in addition the brainstem influences motor skills and sensitivities (sleep control, digestion etc). It would appear that this is the area that has required research. However a search of the scientific literature has not revealed any serious study in the areas of auditory tract/brainstem bacterial infection.  Cell Culture technology was introduced into the vaccine manufacturing process in the USA in 1930. Mycoplasma Fermentans is a contaminant of Cell Culture technology. It is invisible to the naked eye and until relatively recently like all mycoplasmas was considered benign. It is not, it is a pathogen.

The cost of autism in the UK has been estimated at £34 billion per annum. Much of this expenditure could be saved by identifying the underlying cause of regressive Autism.

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