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Whilst it is regrettable that job losses are occurring as a result of the closure of Longannet Power Station, this does open possibilities with regards to improvement of public transport in Fife. The Forth Circle (AKA Longannet Line) already being in place could, with the establishment of passenger platforms, be transformed into a critical link from Dunfermline to Kincardine servicing the Fife villages with nominal expense. This would allow a direct link between the Fife Circle and the Alloa-Stirling lines and allow quick transport between both.

For the Fife villages, transport is few and far between. Currently getting to Glasgow involves getting a bus to Kincardine or Dunfermline and taking the appropriate lines from there. Getting to Edinburgh means travelling to Dunfermline. For working people the buses often add hours to journeys to and from Glasgow and Edinburgh. This does not take into account that several of the Fife coastal villages are preparing to expand, which will put further pressure on the infrastructure. A critical link between the Fife coastal villages and the major cities by rail would allow commuters to use rail transport - rather than a bus - in turn freeing up necessary space for commuters to Dunfermline.

That being said, however, rail would solve many of the serious congestion issues in the centre of Dunfermline allowing people to travel to and from Dunfermline without having to contend with the many traffic lights and bottle necks along the way.

On the Rosyth - Kincardine road, the number of drivers would also be reduced freeing up a main artery road between the Forth and Kincardine bridges.

Ultimately, there is also carbon emissions to consider, with a reduction in the number of car journeys from the coastal villages, substituted instead for rail - this would mean a drop in CO2 produced by cars.

We also do not need to spell out the benefits of linking the two rail networks to the airports completely by rail and also the opportunity for tourism between Dunfermline and Stirling.

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