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I have spoken to an SNP MP who advised that statutory education that encompasses LGBTI+ issues was missing from the curriculum. I have also emailed all MSPs, providing my personal experience at secondary school - highlighting that LGBTI+ youth are being largely excluded within the education system. I emphasised my struggle throughout secondary school and the lack of support or inclusive education that was available. However, I only received helpful responses from two. I then had further correspondence with these MSPs, one of whom replied with advice and provided me with government guidelines which allowed denominational schools to opt out of inclusive teaching programmes such as Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) education, which - as an ex-pupil of a Roman Catholic high school that neglected such topics - does not address my concerns. I have had conversations with MSPs and MPs about the introduction of a statutory requirement of teaching of LGBTI+ issues in Scottish schools.

Further, I have spoken with a representative of LGBT Youth Scotland, who highlighted that this is necessary - as previous action in this area has been unproductive since many schools have opted out. Thus, I believe that a petition of this nature is the suitable option at this point.

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