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I have done some research and discovered that police officers are given harsher sentences than civilians, no matter what the crime. I can understand this happening if a police officer uses his/her job to commit the crime but not if the crime has no connection to the occupation at all.

I have also spoken to MP's about this and have been told that no matter what the crime, police officers and lawyers are treated harshly in court. Is this fair? Are police officers and lawyers not human like everyone else? Are they not allowed to make mistakes?

I am putting this petition forward as I think that new laws should be introduced, which prevent people's occupation from being disclosed in a court of law, especially if the accusations have nothing to do with the occupation.

This country has made it so easy for anyone to accuse a police officer of anything and any accusation, whether true or false, often results in a stigma about the accused. Most domestic/civil matters don't even get as far as the courts, but if you are a police officer or lawyer for example then they will get to court and the harshest sentence possible is given.

  • Is this the way that we should treat people who we expect to protect us?
  • Are all police officers and lawyers trustworthy until they themselves become the accused?
  • Why are the courts filled with droves of police officers waiting to give evidence if they are liars?

My aim is to help people accused of an offence, such as police officers, lawyers, and others who hold a position of trust, in the future. Why should occupation of a person have any bearing on a domestic/civil allegation? If a case goes to court, a crime is a crime, whether you are a police officer, lawyer, or anyone else. Each crime should have the same sentencing and people should not be made an example of just because of the career path they took. Especially if that career has no connection to the accusations.

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