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A number of Community Councils in the Falkirk area have come together to raise awareness and our concerns with the current legislation covering the issue of sewage sludge application to land in Scotland. Over the past number of years, the Falkirk area has been blighted by this practice, local people are having their lives made a misery with the stench, existing health problems, especially lung conditions, are being made worse from the spreading of sewage sludge. Heavy traffic movements through the communities, collecting and delivering the sewage sludge and sewage sludge spillage on public highways is not acceptable.

We are of the opinion that the current legislation is not fit for purpose and leaves the process open to possible abuse. The lack of consistent and rigorous enforcement by the statutory bodies of current legislative powers means the present approach is inadequate. We are concerned for public health, contamination of water courses, contamination of soils, and animals grazing on treated land potentially leading to contaminants entering the human food chain.

We are asking for this process to be banned outright and that alternative acceptable methods of disposal be adopted in line with other European countries. Urgent attention and investment is required to deal with the increasing amount of sewage.

This petition has been submitted despite the Government's recent annoucement that it will review its policy on this issue because, at this stage, it is unclear whether the Government will conduct a public consultation as part of its policy review.

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