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Background Info

At the moment, trapping of this invasive species is only allowed under a scientific licence. The agencies mentioned above are all in agreement that trapping is the only way of dealing with this invasive species. This view is also supported by the scientific research that has been carried out.

Over the last 20 years, the population of this invasive species has grown out of control causing many on-going problems. The costs in carrying out a large trapping and control are prohibitively high for the said agency to commit to funding it. At the moment, the cost to Dumfries and Galloway is in the region of £1.2m per year in lost revenue and 130 jobs.

Other costs include the destruction of salmon, sea trout and brown trout spawning beds, the loss of river walks, farm land, dragonfly’s nesting areas, wild fowl and the complete destruction of the marine biosphere in the affected areas.

At the last survey carried out, the contaminated area has increased from 35 square km to 87 square km and will eventually cover the whole of Scotland’s inland waters if left unchecked.

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