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As well as electric shock collars being opposed by the SSPCA, most credible animal trainers believe it is cruel to do deliver an electric shock as a training method. The preferred training method is reward based and not fear or pain based.

The Welsh parliament set the precedent for welfare in this area in 2010 by banning them in Wales. The Welsh government supported by the RSPCA and the kennel club, to name but a few organisations who wanted these devices banned, and with huge public support undertook three consultations, please see link below, which confirmed to them that animals do indeed feel pain and suffer stress as a result of being shocked. I implore the Scottish Parliament to do the same.

The association of pet behaviourists advises that " the use of devices that rely on pain or discomfort to modify behaviour are inappropriate as they have the potential to seriously compromise the welfare of dogs and ruin their relationship with their owners."

Please see link attached




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