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There are signs within the establishment that care of the young and vulnerable can be opportunities for these opportunists. These predators that do exist in our society take these opportunities to exploit the very system we put in place to protect future generations. With horrid cases being reported, measures have to be put in place that make this most horrid of crimes reduced significantly by making people who witness this most vulgar act open to prosecution for failing to report such an event.

Additionally, I feel that implementing an anonymity scheme when reporting these crimes should be implemented when need be (e.g. if the person feels intimidated or unsafe). Further measures might include protection or assistance for both the abused and vulnerable.

Such practices have been put in place in America and Australia. From 1992 to 2009 in the US, substantiated cases of sexual abuse declined 62%, physical abuse decreased 56% and neglect 10%. Although the referrals increase each year, about 1% of the child population is affected by any form of substantiated maltreatment. Referrals increase each year, but the actual substantiated cases remain low and are approximately the same or decline each year.

I would welcome submissions from Children UK, UNICEF, Child Line, Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, The Child Protection and Safeguarding Consultancy and Shelter (to name but a few) to my petition. Also, the Catholic Church has previously openly mentioned accepting mandatory reporting, as they themselves are in the process of stripping their very own members that have been found guilty of child abuse.


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