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The request is for the petitions committee to support the residents of Argyll and Bute obtain a permanent solution to an ever increasing problem which continues to cripple an already fragile economy. As a Locally elected member of Argyll and Bute council and a member of the Argyll First Group we brought this issue to the attention of the petitions panel previously. Since then the A83 task force was set up which was a group of interested parties along with the scottish government and transport scotland which commissioned Jacobs to produce an options appraisal regarding a number of issues one of which was landslide mitigation measures on the rest and bethankful. Netting protection was erected and the group were reassured that this would mitigate against future landslides. A number of group members have been uncertain that the netting would be a permanent solution to the problem and in fact i have a minute of a meeting where i asked the specific question if there were a landslide would the rest and be thankful remain open whilst the debris was being cleared and the answer was it would be single lane controlled but the road would be open. On the first occassion of a landslide this winter the road was again closed. All confidence in the system has been lost and the netting is not seen as a permanent solution as has been evidenced by the first landslide of the season. We live in an already fragile rural area with population moving out of Argyll already. We have had a economic summit just last week to discuss what we can do to reverse this trend at which Mr Swinney was present. Transport links are vital to revitalising our fragile community hence requesting that the petitions panel reconsider the request that in order to support what is seen as a vital lifeline to a fragile community a permanent solution must be advocated to support Argyll and Bute in its economic recovery.

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