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Previous Action

  • Letters to Iain Gray, East Lothian MSP: Iain Gray MSP contacted and raised community concerns with Cabinet Secretary For Finance, Employment and Substainable Growth, John Swinney MSP
  • Letters to all ELC East Lothian Ward councillors bordering the proposed development: contacted by letter expressing deep community concerns” Out of 12 only 4 replied
  • Petition to East Lothian Council:  rejected because “what is being sought is not within the power of East Lothian Council. The proposals are in the hands of Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Power and others”;
  • Meeting with Scottish Enterprise: unsuccessful as SE continue to drive forward with planned development regardless of community concerns expressed. SE also told us no discussions had taken place with Scottish Power, yet it is reported that all land belongs to Scottish Power;
  • Meeting with Inch Cape:  informative but ultimately unsuccessful;
  • Meeting with Iain Gray MSP: Iain Gray, MSP sympathises with communities and their concern and opposes development, but powerless to stop it;
  • Community meetings: Community meetings have been held since July 2014 with numbers growing from 25 at first meeting to over 800 members of the community at most recent meeting in September and more than 4000 local signatures on petition supporting our community concerns;
  • Attendance at ELC Planning Committee meeting on Inch Cape (September 2014): CRA spoke to ask for a 2 month deferment of judgement on the battlesite development on local countryside land to enable CRA to seek a meeting with Scottish Power to establish why land currently unused on existing energy footprint at Cockenzie could not accommodate Inch Cape.  Request unsuccessful;
  • Efforts to secure meeting with Scottish Power:  SP Generation Director finally responding by email but refusing to meet whilst consideration to commercial approaches and options for the site being considered. Scottish Network planned to meet but cancelled meeting because "Scottish Generation dealing with matter". A meeting with SP has since been scheduled for late October 2014;
  • Contact with office of David Martin MEP to discuss proposals;
  • Public consultations: Vision gathering sessions held by Coastal Regeneration Alliance to enable the community to put forward their vision of the areas in question;
  • Press Releases issued weekly to local & national newspapers with support from press for the community;
  • Analysing petition signatures to demonstrate local feeling to community councils & secure Community Councils support for community action;
  • Contact & support from organisations linked to Battle Of Prestonpans;
  • Contact & advice from Greenpeace, Marine Conservation Society and Marinet of the dramatic effects of coastal dredging of the proposed deep water site and effects of local East Lothian beaches and also proposed Underground Coal Gasification drilling near our coastline;
  • Poems, songs & video presentations created to demonstrate extent of community concern and the positive & peaceful actions taken to voice this concern into public domain;
  • Pop-up stalls held weekly in local communities to provide information, petition and letter signing opportunities for those who are concerned and without online access;
  • Bumper stickers & #keepourcoast T-shirts produced & widely available locally;
  • Leaflets produced & delivered to premises immediately bordering proposed site initially, and now wider East Lothian county.

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