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Background Info

The Coastal Regeneration Alliance is formed by the communities of Prestonpans, Cockenzie & Port Seton and Meadowmill who are deeply concerned that the proposed Energy Park will be situated in the midst of residential & community areas, and create a divide between communities which have a strong historical link. 

We wish to:

  • retain existing Local Plan policies for land adjacent to Cockenzie Power station and historic battlefield;
  • allow the communities to participate in how their area is developed and take into account community suggestions;
  • consider an alternative positive community proposal for the site;
  • recognition of planning permission of a gas fired power station at Cockenzie but any changes be by community consultation.

The communities to the West of the county of East Lothian realise the impact of the Proposed Energy Park could have significant consequences which could change their communities forever.

Our first concern is the lack of any adequate consultation and information on such a substantial change in land use and the marine environment. Most people in the community are not aware of what is being proposed within the current planning timescale.

Major concerns are:

  • East Lothian Council have indicated support for the proposals against the wishes of the community and have, to date, refused to listen to community;
  • Lack of public information regarding the proposed Cockenzie Energy Park and little community consultation despite contacting all the parties concerned - Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Power, East Lothian Council;
  • No public consultation prior to the publication of the proposals within NPF3;
  • No definition or explanation within NPF3 as to what an Area of Coordinated Action or Energy Park might be;
  • No involvement of East Lothian Councillors in the development of the proposal, which was promoted by East Lothian Council Executive;
  • Lack of proper plans, models, drawings, designs on how this will impact on the landscape, townscape and seascape of the local area and community;
  • Planning permission being granted to convert existing power station to gas powered but lack of any information by Scottish Power as to viability, progress of plans or future plans of a gas power station and potentially favouring an energy park;
  • the impact on the Forth including fishing, marine and bird life, coastal recreation and potential destructive effects to East Lothian beaches;
  • introduction of an inappropriate large industrial facility within an established residential community;
  • Scottish Enterprise tell us a maximum of 1000 jobs will be created but compared to Methil Energy Park figures will be much less and Nigg Energy Park only created 330 long term jobs. Job losses will result from fishing related, tourism related and local businesses if proposals go ahead, so very few jobs – if any - will be gained;
  • complete disregard, to date, of community involvement in the use of these sites;
  • loss of green space historically enjoyed by the communities for leisure and recreation. Significant reduction in green space for communities to enjoy;
  • loss of the traditional road link between Prestonpans and Cockenzie communities with a proposed replacement road potentially causing major disruption to all residential communities, particularly Cockenzie & Port Seton;
  • potential isolation of communities;
  • catchment area for local high school and local sporting clubs will be fragmented;
  • potential depression in local housing market;
  • loss of key area of historic Battle of Prestonpans site and historic Wagonway;
  • loss of opportunity to maximize the growing tourism potential in our area enjoyed by our whole county;
  • impact on Cycle Route 76;
  • impact on John Muir Way;
  • loss of fishing industry, tourism and related jobs, offsetting jobs created;
  • Plans and licences given to carry out Underground Coal Gasification exploratory drilling in 95 square miles of the Forth that includes part of the local coastline;
  • British Geological Survey on Shale Gas and Oil identifies our coastline and Forth for potential exploration;
  • The energy park proposal may be seen as an opportunity to establish and fund development of an inappropriate marine port facility, the use of which could subsequently be changed to included passengers, freight, containers, gas or oil traffic.

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