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In 2011, Fettes College, a selective private school, saw its tax liability fall from £209,139 to £41,828, a taxpayer funded subsidy of £167, 311.

George Watson’s, another fee-paying Edinburgh school, fell from £412,649 to £83,530, a taxpayer funded subsidy of £329, 119. 

Gordonstoun’s, whose alumni include the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, fell from £148,086 to £29,618, a taxpayer funded subsidy of £118, 468. 

Wester Hailes state school, where over 40% of pupils are are eligible for free school-meals, paid its tax liability of £261,873 in full. 

This is a pattern reproduced across Scotland and is due to the current charitable status of private schools. 

This charitable status allows Scotland’s elitist and privileged private schools, which serve only 4% of pupils, 80% mandatory discount on non-domestic rates, whilst financially-strapped state schools, which serve 96% of pupils, pay the full sum.

This inequity must be rectified by removing charitable status, and thus taxpayer subsidy, from private, fee-paying schools. A private, fee-paying school is understood to be a school where one pays to receive general compulsory education.