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I feel with the vast research that both parents should co parent and have equal or near equal time with their children. Studies have proven this not only makes the child feel loved and feel that they do not have to pick or choose a parent it also ensures the child feels they have two homes and is loved and nurtured by both parents. It also helps to provide a good relationship between the parents as it has been proven that parents who do not get on and fight over things s due to the reason of being contact and involvement with their children if this is taken away and co parenting is introduced as the base line for all courts unless risk is evident then majority of parents would be able to get along and raise their children together as one as the need to feel anger because one parent won't let the other see their child or if the court only grants every other weekend only creates animosity and contempt and is not in the child's best interests. I know the government have made strides to give fathers rights and encourage courts to do more in terms of contact but as I have been through the court system I can assure you the courts are still stuck in old values instead of embracing new proven methods. Courts must be urged to have co parenting and shared time as the starting point of every child contact case.

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