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 I have contacted everyone I am aware of who I thought may be of help including: Citizens Advice Bereau, Danny Alexander MP, Mary Scanlon MSP, Margaret Nielson Sheriff, Sheriff Principal at Inverness Sheriff Court, Various solicitors, Human Rights, Law Society, SLCC, Lord Gill, Kenny Macaskill Justice Secretary, Scottish Government, Legal Assistance Office, Legal Aid Board, Andrew Alexander Head of Access to Justice, Police and Procurator Fiscal. I believe I have exhausted all avenues and the only option left is to challenge the current law with a view to change.

I initially contacted the above regarding my own specific case and the overwhelming response I received was to seek legal advice. On informing them that I could not do this as I had no funding, I was referred and re referred time and time again to the Legal Assistance Office who informed me each time that I would not be eligible for legal aid as it was a defamation case. Over the years the issue which had started out as a personal one, escalated into a more general issue as it became apparent by the responses I received when asking questions about how others managed to access justice specifically regarding defamation cases. The overwhelming response was that unless a person could pay for legal advice and representation they would have to accept injustice as this is the reality of how the justice system currently operates.

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