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Under the current law defamation cases are excuded from obtaining legal aid other than in very exceptional circumstances. I am proposing that legal aid should be available to all people who do not have the financial means of challenging a court decision. I agree that it should continue to be means tested regarding financial status, but the nature of the case must never be a barrier in accessing justice. This is a form of discrimination. All cases go through the same justice system and therefore should have equal rights regarding right of appeal. Human error does occur within the justice system, including defamation cases. All  cases must be seen to be fair and just in the way individuals taken through the court system are treated. As the law stands at present, specifically re defamation, there is a two tier system ie; access to justice for the wealthy, while less affluent people are left with no means of challenging injustice. Consequently the general public have no faith or confidence in the very system put in place to protect the innocent and ensure justice for all. Having had personal experience of this, I urge the Scottish Government to take the necessary steps to change the law to allow every individual the basic right of  defending the truth.

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