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I have previously worked in the FSC based in Aberdeen and am well aware of the incredible amount of work that is undertaken there.

Front line staff and members of the public have raised serious concerns that the decommissioning of control rooms and service centres will have serious, adverse affects on the service delivery north of Dundee. The loss of local knowledge and understanding is critical in getting Police or Fire services exactly where they are needed as quickly as possible.

Furthermore it is imperative that the vast, varied and invaluable workload that the service centres perform, be recognised. In a force which can be accused of being stretched thin with response times and successful prosecutions, the FSC allow officers to be where they are most needed.

Finally it must be recognised that because the control room and service centre staff are in effect police officers without warrant cards, the proposed reduction in numbers creates a workload that only the warranted officers can fill. This is effectively a cut in frontline policing. There is little doubt these changes are detrimental to public order and saftey and stretching our serving officers thin. They must be reviewed and dismissed.

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