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Recently The Westminster government set up a £600 million Cancer Drug Fund where £200 million would be made available each year. Before this was implemented the Ministry of Health discovered that the British uptake of modern drugs for cancer is one of the lowest in the World. For example recent analysis showed that Britain ranked 12th out of 14 other countries including most of Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. To combat this, the Ministry of Health in England set up the Cancer Drug Fund.

However the funding is only being made available to English patients and not Scottish. This will create an inequality between cancer patients in Scotland and in England with English patients being better off than Scottish.  This would simply be catastrophic considering Scottish cancer survival rates has been discovered to be the lowest in Europe for example only 48% of women survive cancer and only 40.2% of men surviving after diagnosis. This is poor considering in England it is 52.7% and in Ireland it is 51.9%. The Scottish Government made clear it wishes to see a 20% reduction in mortality rates. The implementation of a Scottish Cancer Drug Fund making modern drugs available the 20% reduction can be made reality.

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