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• Scottish Government, in funding the project initially for 3 years agreed with the partner agencies running ICSSS that it would be hoped local authorities would be able to fund the project after the initial 3 years. Partner Agencies have advised that the 3 year funding was intended to give time for project set up, delivery and to have time to source funding; it was not intended by Scottish Government or the stakeholder/partner agencies that the service would only be required for 3 years. There is an implication here, therefore, that Scottish Government, ICSSS and partner agencies recognise the long term needs of survivors of abuse in care. Unfortunately, due to the economic climate ICSSS were not able to receive local funding. Workers at ICSSS have all worked with local authorities on difference groups and forums.

• Three years on we have a better understanding of the needs of survivors of historical abuse in care and survivors believe that the Government, who ultimately placed children of yesterday in care, have a moral duty to provide a specific service which enables survivors to receive the long term help they need and have waited on for decades.

• In Care Survivors Service Scotland applied for Big Lottery Funding for main project costs beyond the initial 3 years. Although the Big Lottery said the application was very good and that ICSSS met criteria in improving lives of kinship carers, families, young people etc the focus for the Big Lottery Funding Application was really about returning to employment and services for young people. ICSSS have said due to long term trauma/mental health still to be worked on, people may not be ready for employment. The Big Lottery was apparently interested in the partnership for young people but this does not cover the average age for ICSSS service users.

• In Care Survivors Service Scotland completed Focus Groups with Service Users to establish why the service is of benefit and what is required for the future. This information is on the website and can be provided from ICSSS. The Focus Group results give strong evidence from the service users themselves about the need for the service, rather than it being the workers who take that view without evidence.

• Other organisations affected by ICSSS providing a service (instead of putting pressure on their resources) already part fund the Partner Agencies core services, and therefore cannot fund ICSSS directly. For example, Open Secret and Kingdom Abuse Survivor Project (main partners) already receive funding from the Local Authorities and NHS for their core service for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. They therefore are unable to fund specific service for survivors of any form of abuse in care. We have to remember In Care experiences are very different.

• Service Users of ICSSS have all been asked to speak to their local MSP’s and Provosts have recently been contacted and met with. MSP’s will receive letters towards the end of May highlighting the plight of survivors who will lose the service of ICSSS and many have said verbally to staff and survivors that they are fully supportive of helping to raise awareness of these issues, considering also the cost savings.

• Letters of support and appeal are being sent by service users and survivors to all MSP’s. Some service users have requested a meeting with Scottish Government Officials to tell them directly of the need for the service and this is taking place in June.

• ICSSS applied for small funding throughout the life of the project.

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